Dennis Record Biography


Dennis loves acting.  He was so touched and inspired  by Marilyn Monroe that he followed her path to study at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. He got his first big break in the horror film: “The House of the Seven Corpses” playing opposite John Ireland, John Caradine and Faith Domergue.

Dennis has studied at HB Studio in New York and most recently at Playhouse West in North Hollywood where Sanford Meisner’s technique is favored.

One of his favorite acting roles was playing George M Cohan in the biographical musical “George M” the story of the man who inspired Musical Theater on “The Great White Way.” It was a great opportunity. He had to age from a young boy into an old man on stage without ever leaving – now that isn’t easy.

A recent favorite, Dennis was asked to play Brian David Mitchell for NBC. He appeared in flashbacks reenacting the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.

His roles have been diverse & quirky.  These roles force him to take risks, something he likes since it’s all about the art.